Register for our next webinar: FRESHPPACT. On A Mission to Ghana!

Join us on Beanstalk.Global in the first phase of FRESHPPACT as we talk to representatives of Waitrose & Partners, Blue Skies and the University of Northampton Centre for Sustainable Business Practices about their forthcoming trip to Ghana! This critical mission to Ghana will seek to further define the challenges around plastics in the supply chain, helping us to ensure we find the most suitable and impactful solutions that can benefit the whole industry.

We go live with them all on the next stage of the exciting FRESHPPACT adventure to find out more prior to a key trip to the key Blues Skies sites in Ghana.

On the panel we will have:

George Barrett – Sustainability Manager (Circular Economy) , Waitrose & Partners
Dr Ebenezer Laryea – Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Northampton
Hella Lipper-Morse – Head of Technical, Blue Skies
Lana Mo – Head of Innovation at Blue Skies
John Oldham – Purchasing Manager, Blue Skies
Ben Thomas – Senior Environment Manager, Waitrose & Partners

Join us as we go live with our experts on Thursday 17th March 15:30hrs GMT by registering for free on this link –

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