Section 172(1) Statement

The Board of Directors consider, both individually and collectively, that they have acted in the way , that would  most likely promote the success of the Company for the benefit of its members as a whole, having regard to the stakeholders and matters set out in s172(1) (a) - (f) of the Companies Act 2006, in the decisions taken during the year ended 26-December-2020

The directors delegate authority for day-today management to the executives and then engage in setting, approving, and executing the agreed strategic vision, direction and related policies.

Customers & Suppliers:

Blue Skies seeks to build long-term trusted relationships with customers and seeks regular meetings with them on performance and future plans.

We recognise that building relationships with suppliers is also key to the success of the business.  Blue Skies has a number of collaborative overseas trading partners that provide unique benefits to our overall activities. These strategic relationships are fostered through respect, openness, and transparency


The directors recognise that the Group’s employees are key to the business and its success. What makes us different is our approach to relationships, which extends past the expected customer focus. Staff retention is a testament to this and the Group’s culture. Employee welfare and wellbeing is of utmost importance, and they ensure all employees work in a safe and healthy environment. The directors regularly engage with employees through internal communication methods. When making decisions, the directors consider which course of action best delivers the Group strategy in the long term, taking into consideration all stakeholders of the Group, including the employees.

Blue Skies works to a sustainability strategy which it calls ‘The Blueprint’. This centers around the company's vision of creating a better world where there is zero poverty, zero biodiversity loss,net zero emissions and zero waste, We are involved in a number of initiatives to support our Blueprint. We work jointly with some of our customers to support communities involved in the supply of our products from Africa & South America. We also have projects to assess and reduce our emissions, eliminate waste, create natural habitats, and increase the proportion of energy we use from renewable sources. In addition, Blue Skies are audited by third-party organisations to a number of technical, social and environmental standards. These include GlobalGAP, BRC and ISO 22000 for food safety, SMETA and Fairtrade for social and ethical practices and LEAF for environmental practices.

As the Board of Directors, our intention is to behave in a responsible manner, operating within the high standards of business conduct and good governance expected for a business such as ours and in doing so, will contribute to the delivery of our plan.

As the Board of Directors, our intention is to behave responsibly towards all our shareholders and treat them fairly and equally, so that they benefit from the successful delivery of our plan.

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