FRESHPPACT Launch Groundbreaking Agricultural Mulch Trials in Ghana

This month Blue Skies and the FRESHPPACT team commenced trials of alternative solutions to plastic mulch used on pineapple farms. Led by the University of Northampton, we are testing farm mulch made from coconut coir by Coco360, biodegradable mulch from CSIR South Africa and an approach that uses no mulch at all. We are also working with Data Solutions Hub to test a new mechanical mulch lifter which could potentially remove plastic film from soils so that it can be recycled.

If successful, these solutions could have a significant impact in mitigating plastic pollution from agricultural mulch used across the industry.

Thanks to support from The SMEP Programme and funding from UK International Development, we have been able to initiate this project through the The Fresh Produce Impact Hub (FRESHPPACT).

All activities have been documented by Max MacGillivray and can be accessed on Linkedin. We extend our deepest gratitude to the team in Ghana for their unwavering support throughout the week. We also appreciate Hella’s support during this visit. Special recognition goes to Dorothy and Eric for their relentless efforts in helping to launch this project.

Photo credit to Max MacGillivray.

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