Design a Fruit Salad Worksheet (ages 5-7)

This is a simple worksheet designed for primary school students aged 5-7.  The worksheet asks students to draw a picture of three fruits that they would like to go in to a fruit salad. It also asks them to describe how the fruit tastes and think about where the fruit might have come from. The exercise encourages students to think about healthy eating, the sense of taste and food provenance.

Other possibilities could include:

  • Bring in some fruit ingredients and get the students to make their own fruit salads which they can eat!
  • Get students to do some research on their favourite fruit and make a poster about where it comes from and how it grows.
  • Have a discussion about basic food hygiene and food preparation and ask students to make a leaflet on how to make a fruit salad safely.
  • Use cut up pieces of fresh fruit to make some colourful fruit faces!
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