A visit to the U.K – By Sampson Kwawukumey

Big thanks to Dr. Anthony Pile and the awesome team in Blue skies for the award and the chance to travel to the United Kingdom!

The Chairman’s Award really came to me as one of my highest feats in my endeavors in Blue Skies and challenges me to go extra miles. As though the award was not enough, I was given the opportunity to travel to the United Kingdom (my first time ever) as part of the benefits that came with the Chairman’s Award.  Reality dawned on me the day I touched down at the Heathrow Airport; on almost a week’s trip that was very momentous and unforgettable.  Dean, the driver that picked me up at the airport, was very friendly and kind enough to show me around and shared some histories of certain areas and monuments along the way to my accommodation at Sedgebrook Hall in Northampton.

The Power (aerobics) session with most of the Pitsford team on my arrival at the Pitsford office was very humbling and encouraging. The session was followed by a great fundraising lunch which I really enjoyed. I later joined Hella and the team for an open water swim though I did not swim.

On my second day, the ever patient and friendly Denzil, took me around most of the shops Blue Skies supplies. I was also taken for sightseeing at the historic Shoe museum in Northampton. The second day ended with an amazing dinner with the Denzils. Denzil is such a good cook!

The third day began with a ride with the CEO, Hugh, to Blue skies Corby where I met a fantastic team and an amazing facility. I was taken on a factory tour at Corby and I must say Blue Skies really, is doing fantastic. After an enticing lunch with the Corby team, I was then taken to the countryside of Northampton by Hugh for sightseeing. Riding alone with the CEO of Blue skies was such a great privilege and honor. We had wonderful conversations ranging from. career development, achievements, entertainment, sports, politics, etc. My moments with Hugh was very humbling and impactful.

Together with Denzil on the fourth day, we took a train to London. In London, we visited PML to meet with the Heathrow team where I was later shown the coldrooms where the final products from Blue skies are received before being distributed to customers. I joined other staff later in the evening to attend the FPC Awards at the JW Marriot Grosvenor House, London. I was so enthused and lucky to have been part of the team that received two major awards on behalf of Blue Skies that night.

Thanks to Simon Northcott my fifth day was equally spectacular. I was taken to all corners of London for sightseeing especially Covent Garden, Big Ben, London Eye, London bridge etc. My day was made more exciting when I had the opportunity to witness a live match between West Ham and Sheffield United at the London stadium. A very selfless Simon, limping on an injured foot made sure I had loads of fun in London.

By the sixth day, I was all set with lots of photos and memories to fly back to Ghana to continue my exploits. I wish I can write a whole book on my historic visit to the UK. Almost a week in the UK and the team made me feel as though it was a year; very exciting and eventful. I am very grateful to everyone I came into contact with. Everyone I met with and spoke to with made me feel really special and made my stay worthwhile. I pray more people will  get the same opportunity to experience same or more.

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