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Blue Skies

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Our Blue Skies story began with a simple idea: If fresh fruit is processed close to where it’s grown, products will taste better!

We wanted to put an end to buying fruit cheaply and shipping it thousands of miles before turning it into something to eat. To us, that felt like a wasted opportunity.

Fast-forward to today, and we’re proud to say that all our ice cream is processed in the countries where the fruit grows. We’ve turned a simple idea into reality.


The ‘tree to tub’ story is at the heart of what makes Blue Skies ice cream so special.

Our fresh coconut milk speedily travels from the leafy groves to your tub, giving Blue Skies the ‘oh so creamy’ texture for which our ice cream has become famous.

There’s an added bonus too. By making our ice cream in Ghana, we have access to local experts who’ve been working with coconuts their entire life. There’s nothing they don’t know about the plant! If we exported the coconut whole, as little as 15% of the product’s value would stay in Ghana. But by making our ice cream locally, as much as 75% remains there. Which means farmer communities flourish and the next generation of coconut experts is inspired to be the best!


We believe that people are more important than profit. That’s why we always pay our farmers fairly and invest in local community projects.

Everyone in our supply chain, from our amazingly talented farmers, to the factory workers, to the drivers, and to our local communities are the cream of the crop. We wouldn’t be here without them! So, we provide a fair scoop to everyone. To us, every single person counts.