Blue Skies

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Investing in people is important to us. That’s why we developed the Blue Skies Foundation, operating in the communities where our fruit is grown and processed.

To date, the Blue Skies Foundation has invested in more than 120 health and educations projects, including erecting school buildings. We’ve also helped to complete rural sanitation projects, built fire stations and outfitted health clinics. The projects we invest in are chosen by farmers living within the local communities and are overseen by a council of community representatives.

Our Foundation projects have led to increased school attendance and academic performance, improved community health and sanitation, and achieved greater productivity among farming communities.

When people are supported, they feel empowered. And a supported, empowered local community is a healthier, happier one. To us, every single person counts.


Just a couple of examples of our projects over the years.


We are always working with our partners and members to assess and review potential projects.

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